Administering Axona

Axona dosage and administration1

  • Axona is a medical food that can only be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional
  • Axona is supplied as a powder in convenient individual 40 g packets. Each packet contains 20 g of medium-chain triglycerides, specifically caprylic triglyceride
  • Axona is taken once daily, shortly after a full meal, preferably breakfast or lunch, whichever is larger
  • To reduce the chance of gastrointestinal adverse events, Axona should be titrated gradually over 7 days before patients begin to take one 40 g packet per day

You can titrate patients using the 30-day package

  • With just a measuring spoon, patients can easily titrate using the full-size packets of Axona
  • Unused powder can be stored at room temperature, even if the packet has been opened
Axona product packaging

Week 1: graduated dosing with the 30-day package

Day 1
1 spoon
1 Tbsp
Day 2
1 spoon
1 Tbsp
Day 3
2 spoons
2 Tbsp
Day 4
2 spoons
2 Tbsp
Day 5
3 spoons
3 Tbsp
Day 6
3 spoons
3 Tbsp
Day 7
4 spoons
4 Tbsp
Day 8(and beyond)
40 gram packet
Begin one 40 gram packet daily

Titrating with the Axona 30-day package

The Axona 30-day package makes graduated dosing easy with just a measuring spoon.

  • Each packet of Axona should be added to 4 to 8 oz (118-236 mL) of cool water or other liquid, or soft food as preferred, and shaken or blended until fully mixed:
    • - Juice
    • - Milk
    • - Meal replacement drink
    • - Oatmeal
    • - Yogurt
    • - Pudding
    • - Ice cream
  • Due to the rapid ingestion of Axona, some patients may experience gastrointestinal adverse events, such as diarrhea, gas, and nausea. Titration can help minimize these adverse events

Tips to reduce gastrointestinal adverse events1

  • Take Axona within 15 to 30 minutes after consuming a full meal
  • Try eating meals containing fat and protein to slow the digestion of Axona
  • Add ice and sip Axona slowly
  • Over-the-counter medications, such as simethicone, antacids, and antidiarrheals, may be useful

Axona supports patients

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