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Physician and patient working together on an assessment to learn to cope with Alzheimer's disease

Axona provides help for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease in a completely different way1,2

Whether you are just learning how to cope with Alzheimer’s disease – or you have been living with it for a while – you are probably feeling a wide range of emotions. You may be concerned about increasing symptoms, and you may be wondering if there’s anything you can add to your loved one’s current daily therapy.

It may be encouraging to know that even if you are already seeing improvements with an Alzheimer’s disease drug, there is still more you can do.

Axona is an innovative prescription therapy designed to address an unmet need in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Currently available Alzheimer’s drug therapies target the chemicals that brain cells need to function. Axona works differently, targeting brain cells directly to help fuel the brain’s activities. Axona is not a drug, but an innovative management option for Alzheimer’s disease. In a 90-day clinical study, Axona enhanced memory and thoughts in some patients.*

Axona provides another way to approach Alzheimer’s. Adding it to drug therapies helps address multiple parts of the disease at the same time and may help make the biggest impact in enhancing memory and thoughts.

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How Axona works

Axona provides caregivers with a unique way to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.1,2

Axona clinical studies

Find out how Axona supported memories and thoughts in a clinical study.1

How to take Axona

Axona makes it simple for caregivers to support their loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.3

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The majority of side effects associated with Axona were mild and can often be reduced by following some simple tips.3

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