10 Symptoms of caregiver stress

cargiver stress

When caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, it can become all too easy to neglect your own health and well-being. Alzheimer’s disease caregivers frequently report high levels of stress, so if you’re feeling the pressure, you’re not alone. Look out for these symptoms of caregiver stress1:

  • 1.Denial about the disease
  • 2.Withdrawal from social activities
  • 3.Lack of energy
  • 4.Anxiety about the future
  • 5.Irritability or feeling overwhelmed
  • 6.Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy
  • 7.Anger
  • 8.Trouble sleeping
  • 9.Forgetfulness and a lack of concentration
  • 10.Mental and/or physical health problems

Recognizing the symptoms of caregiver stress can help you to manage it. If you’re experiencing stress, you can follow these tips to help you cope and avoid burnout.

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