10 Questions to ask about Alzheimer’s

You may have many questions as you care for your loved one with Alzheimer's. However, when visiting your loved one’s doctor or a caregiver support group, it can be easy to forget to ask questions or become distracted. Below are 10 common questions you may want to write down and ask that may help you prepare in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's.

10 Questions to ask about Alzheimer’s1-3

  • 1.What tests are needed to make an Alzheimer's diagnosis?
  • 2.Are you sure my loved one’s symptoms are the result of Alzheimer’s?
  • 3.What stage of Alzheimer’s is my loved one in?
  • 4.What can my loved one do to preserve memory and thinking skills for as long as possible?
  • 5.What are the physical symptoms of Alzheimer’s?
  • 6.Will Alzheimer’s affect how my loved one manages other health conditions?
  • 7.What are the possible therapies for Alzheimer’s and how can they help?
  • 8.How will the disease progress over time?
  • 9.Are there clinical trials my loved one and I should consider?
  • 10.When should I consider a long-term care facility for my loved one?

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