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Is it Alzheimer’s or normal aging?


The differences between early warning signs of Alzheimer’s and normal aging can often be difficult to determine. It’s important to be able to identify these differences so you can determine if your loved one should see a doctor.

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Using multiple Alzheimer’s therapies

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Your loved one may be taking several therapies for Alzheimer’s and other conditions, which can make keeping tabs on them all difficult. Read about some strategies that can help you manage your loved one’s therapies so that they stay on track.

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Brain imaging for Alzheimer’s


Your loved one probably received a brain scan to aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Now, new brain scan technology may help doctors diagnose the disease years before symptoms start, opening up future treatment possibilities.

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10 Symptoms of caregiver stress

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Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be challenging and lead to increased levels of stress. By reading about common symptoms of caregiver strain, you can learn the early warning signs and take steps to reduce your stress.

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Learn about support groups

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Too much stress can cause anger, depression, and other health problems. One way to help manage stress related to caregiving is to visit a support group. Read about the benefits of caregiver support groups and how to find the right one for you.

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Is it Alzheimer’s disease or normal aging?


This can be a pressing question facing people as they age, because it can often be very difficult to tell the difference between ordinary forgetfulness and something more serious. Learn to distinguish between normal behavior and actions that might be early warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

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Easing your loved one’s transition to living with Alzheimer’s

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It’s not easy for our loved ones in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to accept that they are no longer able to complete simple everyday tasks. But too much coddling can result in arguments, temper tantrums, depression, and resentment. The best advice for a caregiver just starting out is to transition gradually.

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